Price Matching Policy

Thanks for supporting local. We're happy to help you find what you need, at a price you'll love.
If it meets these conditions, we’ll match the price. 

  • The item must be new and an identical brand, model, year, colour and size
  • It can’t be demoed, brand sample, refurbished, opened, pre-owned or damaged in any way
  • It must be sold and shipped from within Canada by a Canadian-based retailer
  • Price must be in  Canadian Dollars, and account for all additional charges including, but not limited to, shipping and handling and environmental fees. 
  • The price must be quoted, signed or advertised, not verbally agreed to
  • The item must be available for immediate purchase (at the lower price) through a regular retail channel at the time of the price match request
  • Our price match policy includes active sales and clearance prices, but doesn’t include special orders and prices lowered due to errors, misprints, multiple purchase discounts, close-outs or end-of-business liquidations
  • Our staff must be able to verify all the details above. (They may use means such as phone, online, advertisement or flyers as appropriate) and have the price match authorized by a manager. 

Price matching cannot be combined with further discounts or special offers, and must be done in store only.

Minimum advertised price

Some brands have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), which is policy set for all retailers. By Canada Law, we can’t advertise a product’s price below the vendor’s MAP. Occasionally, brands we work with allow retailers to sell a product below MAP for a specified time period.