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Alpine Ski Bindings

Head Freeflex Evo 11
Once a racer, always a racer. The Freeflex Evo 11 binding fuels your racing ambitions. The forward tilt is reduced, meaning that your foot doesn't dip downward toward the front as much, allowing you to move like a Head World Cup Rebel. This type of centering doubles your power. The new NX heel housing gives your ski boot an even more rock solid grip. The new three-part heel unit makes stepping in and out easy and provides you with more stability and better power transfer. As you chase after your best time, you can rely on unencumbered ski flex. The binding moves with the ski as it bends, allowing you to react with lightning-fast reflexes to anything that comes your way. The proven Full Diagonal Release function keeps you safe. If you fall, your binding releases intelligently: 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. Time to attack those gates! - RX (Light Diagonal) Toe with TRP System - Full Diagonal - ABS - Anti Blocking System - Freeflex Pro - ISO: 5355A - NX Heel - Brake [D] 85mm
Head Freeflex Evo 16
The Freeflex Evo 16 is a dedicated racing binding delivering premium power and control as well as pro-level safety and unhindered ski dynamics. The binding includes a brand new roller pincer system and longer wings, so that the boot is supremely stable and securely held in the binding. The intelligent gliding element (Race AFD) moves together with the ski flex enabling a constant contact between boot and binding, even in the most extreme of flex conditions. With a DIN of up to 16, it is aimed at expert to pro-level skiers and the binding also features the Race Pro Heel with constant forward pressure in all skiing situations. - Race Toe with TRP System - Race AFD - Freeflex Pro - ISO: 5355A - RACE PRO Heel - Brake [A] 85mm
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