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SUP Paddles

Grey Owl Still Water
an economical paddle for paddlers of all expertise. Comfortable carbon palm grip with lightweight fiberglass shaft. Basswood & Butternut blade.
Werner Fiji 2 Piece Adjustable
The Fiji offers performance at an introductory price. The mid-size tear drop shape gives you immediate catch and good stability perfect for entrants to stand up paddling
Aqua Bound Freedom 85 2-Piece
The Aqua-Bound Freedom SUP paddle is a great intermediate touring paddle. This is our most popular Aqua-Bound stand-up paddle, and for good reason. Its blade is made of Aqua-Bound’s strong epX engineered polymer – no whimpy, whippy blade here. With an aggressive dihedral down its spine, the blade makes for a forgiving and smooth pull through the water. There are two blade size options with the Freedom: the original Freedom at 100 sq. in. for paddlers who want a bigger bite, and the new Freedom 85 with a smaller 85 sq. in. blade for smaller paddlers or those who prefer high-cadence paddling for faster speed. The Freedom has a 100% carbon shaft with a 10° bend. This lightweight material provides great strength, a low swing weight, and a slight shaft flex for a very comfortable performance. Both Freedom models come in adjustable length 2-piece and 4-piece options. If you have an inflatable board, the 4-piece paddle is your perfectly portable solution.
Werner Carve 2 Piece Adjustable
$225.00 $283.00 20% Off
The Carve M mid-sized blade will fit the widest range of paddler. The S blade is preferred by smaller paddlers or for those wanting less resistance. It offers the perfect combination of light weight and durability and is ideal for all types of stand-up paddling.
Werner Nitro Adjustable 2 Piece
The Nitro M mid-sized blade will fit the widest range of paddlers. The Nitro S is a smaller blade for smaller paddlers or for less resistance. It offers a light and buoyant feel on the water and a smooth back face for a quite stroke. This is a versatile use paddle that is at home surfing, charging down wind or touring.
Werner Zen
Before even getting to the water you will feel the balance and see the beauty of the Zen 85. Our Premium fiberglass process blends perfection in craftsmanship and materials for a stiff, light, elegant looking blade. Add our new HD Graphics, and now you have a true work of art. Our A carbon shaft helps keep the overall weight down and from our countless hours of testing, a perfect overall flex to the paddle.
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