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Donnelly Sports LAS

Donnelly Sports LAS
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LAS is the airport code for Las Vegas, Nevada, the original home of the world famous Cross Vegas cyclocross race. This mostly grass course required the fastest tire a racer could use and the LAS delivered.

The diamond-file tread at the tire center offers extremely low rolling resistance for flat-out speed. However, if you take a close look at the LAS tread pattern the tread grows larger as it moves outside to the race-proven PDX side knobs for incredible grip in corners.

- 700 x 33mm

- 284 grams

- 120

Part #:
- D10020

Product Features:
- Diamond file tread patter for low rolling resistance.
- Side knobs offer superior cornering.
- Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption.
- Precision design creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment.
- This tire should be used with a tube and not set up tubeless.