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Bike Services

Repairs, Installations & More

Here at Radical Edge, we can help with a variety of bike maintenance and repair services. Whether you need a minor adjustment, a custom bike fit, or a bike rack install, our friendly and super knowledgeable team of bike enthusiasts is here to help. Visit us today.

Bicycle Repair Services

Level I Tune


  • Includes:
  • Derailleurs Adjusted
  • Brakes Adjusted
  • Tires Inflated
  • Chain Lubed
  • BB Check
  • Hubs Check 
  • Headset Check 
  • Safety Check

Level II Tune


  • Includes Level I Tune PLUS:
  • Both Wheels Trued
  • Accessories Installed
  • Light Frame and Drivetrain Cleaning

Level III Tune


  • Includes Level II Tune PLUS:
  • BB Overhauled
  • Hubs Overhauled
  • Headset Overhauled
  • Clean & Lube Drivetrain
  • Complete Teardown & Rebuild
  • Frame Clean & Polish

Level IV Tune


  • Level III Tune PLUS:
  • Overhaul Pivots & Bushings
  • For Dual Suspension Bikes

A La Carte

  • Build New Bike | $60
  • Box Bike | $60
  • Wheel Build | $60
  • Wheel True | $20
  • Brake Bleed | $30
  • Hourly Labour | $60
  • Minimum Labour | $10
  • Same Day Service Add-On | $25
  • Clean Bike | $30
  • Deep Clean Bike (and Drivetrain) | $60


  • Tube Change (Q/R) | $10+tube
  • Tube Change (Bolted) | $20+tube
  • Chain | $15
  • Cassette/Freewheel | $15
  • Computer | $10
  • Rack | $15
  • Fenders | $25
  • Grips | $10
  • Training Wheels | $20

Bicycle Fitting Service

Any member of our Westmorland team can help you with a bike sizing to help adjust the fit of your bike to your body, but real value can be found in a custom fitting session with Brian McKeown, our trained fit specialist. Whether it's your new triathlon bike that needs tweaking or the old touring rig that's not as comfy as it used to be, Brian can help you make sure you get the most out of your ride.

Custom fit sessions are booked in advance at a cost of $75.00. This includes the initial one-on-one fitting and any follow up sessions required to fine tune your bicycle to your body mechanics. For more info, call us at 1-844-459-3478.

Vehicle Rack Install

Got spare parts? Need spare parts? We fancy ourselves rack specialists, and there's no one with as much experience around to dispute it, so let us take care of that install for you. Whether you're installing a brand new Yakima rack for your tandem kayak or swapping your Thule ski set up from one car to another, we can get the parts you need and have it quickly and securely attached to your vehicle. Roof, hitch or trunk: no problem!

A straight install of your existing product is only $60.00.  If you bought your vehicle rack from us, the install is absolutely FREE and guaranteed to have no extra hardware when the job is done!