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The VARIUS guarantees maximum protection and a perfect helmet climate. The adjustable venting draws moisture and heat away from the head using the Venturi Effect, creating the perfect, fog-free climate for both helmet and goggles, while a Microfleece lining delivers supreme comfort.
The VANDA is all about maximum safety and perfect helmet climate. The adjustable venting draws moisture and heat away from the head using the Venturi Effect, creating the perfect, fog-free climate for both helmet and goggles, while a women specific Microfur lining delivers extra comfort.
Head Ninja
Comfortable, helmet-compatible, and super protective, the NINJA is the goggle of choice for parents and kids alike. The goggle features outstanding UV and anti-fogging qualities in a spherical double lens. Add to this face foam that is both comfortable and conforms to little faces and you have the ultimate kids eye protection for the hill. - Orange lens: S1, VLT 60% - A Spherical Lens has a consistent vertical and horizontal curve for a true and clear field of vision. It is both functional and looks great. - UV400 & Anti Fog refers to the intense UV protective qualities of HEAD lenses and their ability to minimize fogging. The light on the mountain is intense so you need the best protection possible as well as anti-fogging qualities to maintain the best visibility. - Comfort Foam is a single density foam that allows for the ideal inner goggle climate. Comfortable with venting properties it is the ideal foam for goggles. - Interchangeable Lenses means that they can be changed to suit light conditions or when damaged. This increases the longevity of a goggle frame and allows for flexibility.
The KNIGHT helmet with interchangeable, integrated visor is matchless in style, function and comfort. This sporty, all-conditions helmet allows a mountain user to do away with goggles and wear prescription glasses if needed. With superlative venting, a customizable fit and plenty of warmth and comfort it maintains the perfect microclimate while looking hot.
Featuring an interchangeable integrated visor The QUEEN boasts style, function & comfort by the truckload. This stylish all-conditions helmet is ideal for those who wear glasses or don’t want the added hassle of goggles. With superlative venting, customizable fit and plenty of warmth and comfort this helmet maintains the perfect microclimate with maximum safety.
Head Varius
The Varius guarantees maximum protection and a perfect helmet climate. The adjustable venting draws moisture and heat away from the head using the Venturi Effect, creating the perfect, fog-free climate for both helmet and goggles, while a Microfleece lining delivers supreme comfort. - The shock absorbing inner EPS layer of this technology is injected into the hard outer polycarbonate layer to create a single comprehensive unit that provides perfect protection at a reduced weight. - Head 3D Fit allows an exact horizontal as well as vertical adjustment of the helmet to the shape of your head. - The opening of the ventilation ducts on the top of the helmet may be adjusted continuously by means of a slide control. - The Venturi Effect creates the ideal inner helmet climate. It does so when air passing over the helmet draws out heat and moisture for the inner shell. - The soft Microfleece material of the Beanie Liner adapts perfectly to the head and thus avoids any bruises and the unpleasant entering of cold air. Molded-in mesh zones let heat and moisture escape to the outside and, together with the ventilation system, ensure a pleasant head climate. - The soft Microfleece material has several functions: it feels good, draws moisture from the skin and transports it away from the head. - The Neckgator provides comfort and warmth to the helmet wearer. It adds comfort, fit and excludes the elements. - An Active Bottom Edge in HEAD helmets reduces goggle fogging by delivering active airflow. It does this by allowing air to be drawn from the goggles through the helmet. - XS/S (52-55cm), M/L (56-59cm), XL/XXL (60-63cm)
Head Raptor 60
The Raptor 60 has direct access to the know-how of the best boot on the World Cup. The technology of the Raptor encourages you as an ambitious advanced junior on your way to higher spheres. Considering race balance, the Raptor 60 does not make any compromises. The forward lean of the boot guarantees aggressive driving behavior, while the inner shoe with self-shaping footbed fits perfectly. To maintain your momentum, four micro-adjustable alloy buckles give your boot stability. - Last: JR Racing - Shell: SL - Liner: Junior team liner, Self-shaping footbed, 30mm velcro strap - Buckles: 4 low profile plastic buckles - Features: Jr racing flex tuning, Adult norm (size 220 up)
Head Advant Edge 85
The Advant Edge 85 are the perfect ski boots for the ambitious intermediate. Hi-Top Tech combines leg and shell into one compact unit. The result: better skiing with less effort. Your valuable energy gets directly transmitted to your ski with the maximum amount of control. Duo Flex supports you—you apply more pressure and the flex gets stiffer. Equally, the flex is reactive and elastic. Hence your turns have more power than ever. - Last: C 2100cc - Shell: SL - Liner: Comfort liner, Sport frame footbed, 40mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, 1 Supermacro ratchet, Low profile buckles - Features: Bi-Inj. control frame, Hi-Top tech, Duo Flex, Easy entry shell design, Single canting
Head Nexo LYT 100
The NEXO LYT 100 is perfect for your all mountain adventures. The Smart Frame Shell gives you a more reactive flex and rebound. Hence, you ski with a smooth, progressive and dynamic feeling. Your turns have more power and control. To maintain your momentum, 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, low profile buckles and 1 Supermacro ratchet give your ski boots precise closure. The new 100mm last provides the right balance between ankle and forefoot for a perfect and homogeneous wrapping around the whole foot. - Last: S 1850cc - Shell: PU - Liner: Perfect fit S, HP frame footbed, 40mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, Low profile bukles, 1 Supermacro light ratchet - Features: Smart frame, Duo Flex, Stiffer/softer flex adjust, Single Canting
Head The Show
$279.20 $349.00 20% Off
For adolescents or adults alike: the Show is the perfect launch pad into the world of freestyle skiing. The easy handling makes it easy to go down the piste in any direction. You'll also be nailing your new tricks in the half pipe in no time with the help of this versatile, agile companion. The narrow waist helps you keep control of the skis below you at all times. The construction also gives you perfect edge control and fast responsiveness. And the cool design, well it just steals the Show.
Head Raptor 90S RS
The race winning, FIS approved Raptor 90 RS is designed for pro level race rebels with an eye for gold. The precision wrap shell with form-fitting micro-adjustment buckles and power strap is loaded with stiff, responsive race flex tuning and balance and houses a fully conformable pro liner for precise power transmission and faster ski control. If a kid needs a boot to win, then the Raptor 90 RS is the one to choose. - Last: RS 1800cc - Shell: PU - cholewka JR - Liner: Jr HeatFit Pro liner, HP frame footbed , 40mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable Spine-Tech alloy buckles, Low profile buckles - Features: Jr racing flex tuning, Jr cuff, Double canting, FIS approved sole thickness, Adult norm
Head NEXO LYT 120
NEXO LYT 120 : the new 100 mm last boot. Power Efficient Design combines the New Smart Frame Shell with Evo stance for a high level of performance. The revolutionary Liquid Fit Technology provides you with the maximum level of comfort and fit. The customization process is fast, easy and can be done anytime. Moreover, to improve comfort you have more space in the toe box. With Duo Flex, you experience precise ski control through all levels of your turns.
The Head NEXT EDGE XP W is a lightweight, comfortable, warm, easy access tool for improving style and technique. To make a novice skier’s time on the mountain more fun Head graced the boot with an easy entry, accessible flex shell with great reactivity and rebound for better skiing with less fatigue. This is complemented by a conformable, fleece lined liner and the superior, pinch-free hold of a micro-adjustable four buckle system with hold and rebound enhancing Velcro strap.
Head Caddy Jr
$343.20 - $429.00 $429.00 Up to 20% Off
The Caddy JR is a top-end freestyle ski for athletes and would-be freestylers aged 10 and above. It shares all the features of its big brother, the Caddy. The design is indestructible and bump-resistant. The dampening system keeps the vibrations down and your spirit up. That way, you take whatever the park or pipe throws at you and keep a cool head when things get hot.
Head CUBE 3 60 W
The Cube3 60 W is nothing but the most comfortable and the most functional women-specific boot ever made by Head. You can forget about all the common laments in ski boots like stiff shells, painful entries, annoying adjustability and so on. This boot puts an end to the struggle thanks to a patented rear entry system. The cuff opens wide to the rear and lets you slide your foot in super easily. Once you get the buckles locked, the boot delivers a snug and comfy hold inspiring confidence on the skis. The Cube3 60 W also comes with the AutoSkiWalk system which is a small revolution in the ski industry. Basically, it lets the cuff free to move when you walk and locks it firlmy when you step on your skis. You don’t have anything to do, it’s like magic really. We recommend this recreational boot to beginner and occasional women skiers looking for 5-star comfort and ease of use. The Head Cube3 60 W makes skiing fun and playful and delivers tons of comfort, even to wide feet. Highly recommended.
Head Supershape i.Magnum
$949.00 - $1,149.00 $1,149.00 Up to 17% Off
Young or old. Big or small. Lightweight or heavyweight. You name it, the Supershape i. Magnum is the current ski of choice for advanced skiers of any age, size, or shape. Step into this versatile ski and you'll feel at home in any terrain. Thanks to its 72 cm waist, you'll be impressed by its fun, easy handling. The short radius makes it extremely agile. It all adds up to a perfect high-end performance ski for the ages: step in, head off, feel good. Includes PRD 12 GW binding, combining the all-mountain features of the PowerRail binding with GripWalk compatibility.
Head Advant Edge 65 W
The ADVANT EDGE 65 W ski boot with Hi-Top Tech and Duo Flex permits a direct input from your foot to the ski. That sound connection means you'll dance down the slopes with less effort, elegantly gliding in total comfort, thanks to its Comfort Liner. Fleece keeps your foot cozy and the sporty shape of the footbed provides a dynamic stance. With four fine adjustable buckles, you decide the precise fit of your ski boots. - Last: C 2100cc - Shell: SL - Liner: Comfort Liner, Sport frame footbed, 30 mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable plastic buckles, 1 Supermacro ratchet, light buckle - Features: Bi-Inj. control frame, Hi-Top tech, Duo flex, Easy entry shell design, Double adjustable cuff
Head Freeflex Evo 16
The Freeflex Evo 16 is a dedicated racing binding delivering premium power and control as well as pro-level safety and unhindered ski dynamics. The binding includes a brand new roller pincer system and longer wings, so that the boot is supremely stable and securely held in the binding. The intelligent gliding element (Race AFD) moves together with the ski flex enabling a constant contact between boot and binding, even in the most extreme of flex conditions. With a DIN of up to 16, it is aimed at expert to pro-level skiers and the binding also features the Race Pro Heel with constant forward pressure in all skiing situations. - Race Toe with TRP System - Race AFD - Freeflex Pro - ISO: 5355A - RACE PRO Heel - Brake [A] 85mm
Head Kore 93
$559.20 - $699.00 $699.00 Up to 20% Off
The Kore 93 is a very accessible ski for experienced to very good skiers. And because it is easy to handle in off-piste terrain, it's the perfect launch pad into the world of freeride skiing. It's a versatile ski that is both dynamic and easy-going. That helps you store your energy reserves and enjoy your adventures in the powder even longer. It also makes it the perfect companion for touring: it's a very light ski and excellent for ski tour descents. But it's performance on the piste is no less stellar. To sum up: with Kore 93, you feel right at home in any terrain.
The NEXT EDGE XP 70 is built to make the novice skier’s mountain experience enjoyable, comfortable and progressive. Incorporating a fleece lined, customizable liner and an Easy Entry shell that is both comfortable and supportive. The NEXT EDGE XP 70 delivers all the creature comforts that make those days on the slopes memories for a lifetime.
Head Nexo LYT 120 G
NEXO LYT 120 G: the new 100mm shoe. The energy-saving design combines the new Smart Frame with the Evo grip for maximum performance. The revolutionary Liquid Fit technology offers highest wearing comfort and a perfect fit. The shoe can be adjusted quickly and easily at any time. The toe area offers more space and makes the shoe more comfortable. With Duo Flex you experience precise control over your ski on all routes. - Last: S 1850cc - Shell: PU - Liner: Perfect Fit 3D EVO CUSTOM, High Performance Cuff, HP Frame Footbed, 40mm Velcro - Buckles: 4 screwed micro-adjustable Superleggera buckles, 1 super macro lightweight ratchet - Features: Smart Frame, Duo Flex, Firmer / Softer Flex Adjustment, Single Canting
Head Kore 99
$599.20 $749.00 20% Off
The Kore 99 makes your freeride heart skip a beat. It's the all-round talent in our Kore series. The ski floats in the deep powder, stays stiff and is totally responsive. It's also a lightweight. So you can climb up to the top of this mountain or that in no time at all, then leave your trail on pristine terrain. But even if you are taking on the hard-packed slopes in your ski area, the Kore 99 ticks all the boxes and makes every ski day a true experience.
Head NEXO LYT 80 W
With the NEXO LYT 80 W you discover the lightness of being. It uses the New Smart Frame Shell to provide you with a smooth, dynamic and progressive feeling. The Duo Flex gives you precise ski control through all phases of your turns. The liner uses Perfect Fit Technology for comfortable skiing. 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, low profile buckles, and 1 supermacro ratchet enhance your performance on the slopes.
Head Super Joy
Step into the Super Joy, a top-end women's ski. It's the perfect expression of your sportive, powerful skiing style. You'll love the snappy agility and power on the groomed slopes. And as an experienced carver, you have the stability and control to test your limits with steep, powerful turns. The lightweight construction promises energy-saving, all-day carving fun. Light and high performance, the JOY 11 GW SLR women's binding makes a mark. The new three part NX heel unit makes its stability and power transfer even better. The same applies to the ease of stepping in and out of this binding.
Head Total Joy
Terrain is just not an issue here. The Total Joy is the perfect choice to satisfy all your needs, on and off-piste. On piste, it ticks all the boxes for an outstanding carver that craves speed. Off-piste in open terrain, the short radius makes you quick and agile. In any event, the combination of light weight, stability and performance is your idea of a winner. It makes the Total Joy your versatile, multi-talented equipment choice. Light and high performance, the JOY 11 GW SLR women's binding makes a mark. The new three part NX heel unit makes its stability and power transfer even better. The same applies to the ease of stepping in and out of this binding.
Head Supershape i.Rally
$949.00 - $1,149.00 $1,149.00 Up to 17% Off
Step into a Supershape i. Rally, a performance ski which delivers in any terrain. On-piste, your already immaculate parallel turns will be snappier and even more precise. Edge control has never been easier. The tapering from shovel to waist releases even more speed in the turn. Even in spring snow or ungroomed terrain, you can leverage all of your skills. The easy buoyancy in this ski is a key feature that may come as a surprise to you. Includes PRD 12 GW binding, combining the all-mountain features of the PowerRail binding with GripWalk compatibility.
Head iRally Supershape
$999.00 $1,199.00 17% Off
With the heart of a race ski and the width of a side-stash basher the i.Supershape Rally is a versatile, all-round recreational carver for railing at speed on and off piste. It has been empowered with centred Graphene, making the ski lighter with superior power, control and balance. While our handbuilt Worldcup Construction guarantees perfect hold and carvability, with energy enhancing KERS and the Rocker, Radius and Rebound of ERA 3.0 S. In short it is an all-conditions carver that delivers ultimate fun.
Head iMagnum Supershape
$999.00 $1,199.00 17% Off
The i.Supershape Magnum is Head's most versatile Supershape, delivering easy to handle, all-day, on-piste performance for high-end recreational carving. Centred lightweight Graphene has allowed us to rethink the construction of Supershapes, enhancing the skis balance, control and power. Add to this the agility of our handbuilt Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction, the enhanced power return of KERS and the power steering and great turn initiation of Speed Rocker and you have the mandate to rule the groomers.
Head Freeflex Evo 11
Once a racer, always a racer. The Freeflex Evo 11 binding fuels your racing ambitions. The forward tilt is reduced, meaning that your foot doesn't dip downward toward the front as much, allowing you to move like a Head World Cup Rebel. This type of centering doubles your power. The new NX heel housing gives your ski boot an even more rock solid grip. The new three-part heel unit makes stepping in and out easy and provides you with more stability and better power transfer. As you chase after your best time, you can rely on unencumbered ski flex. The binding moves with the ski as it bends, allowing you to react with lightning-fast reflexes to anything that comes your way. The proven Full Diagonal Release function keeps you safe. If you fall, your binding releases intelligently: 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. Time to attack those gates! - RX (Light Diagonal) Toe with TRP System - Full Diagonal - ABS - Anti Blocking System - Freeflex Pro - ISO: 5355A - NX Heel - Brake [D] 85mm
Head Kore 87 + ATTACK2 11 GW
The Kore 87 is the perfect freeski for experienced kids and juniors venturing off piste for the first time. The float in this ski is impressive. This makes for a fun introduction to the new world of freeride and deep powder. Because it turns so easily, you can manage several turns in the powder even after a few tries. That gives you a comfortable feeling and it's not long before the juniors feel at home in their new world. BINDINGS ATTACK2 11 GW — Built to be pushed hard and to push back even harder. - Graphene - Sandwich Cap Construction - Topless Tech - Split Sidewalls - Structured transparent UHM Base - Tip-Tail Rocker
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