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Snowboard Boots

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Head JR Boa
The point of a Junior boot is to make a kid’s time on the hill as comfortable, stress-free, and fun as possible. These are exactly the qualities HEAD endowed the JR Boa with: An integrated shell and liner, as well as Boa Fit System, mean that the boot is a doddle to slip on and off, while a subtle forward lean and flex make climbing the learning curb fun. Add to this a two-size foot bed and you have a boot that is easy on kids as well as their parents' wallets. - Boa: The Boa lacing system allows a boot to be fastened with the turn of a dial and loosened in a snap: No more fumbling with laces in the cold. - Trace JR Outsole: The Trace JR provides supreme grip, dampening & stability for groms’ feet. Centered TPR rubber studs deliver traction, while the main frame provides world-class foot support and stability. - Comfort Cuff: The Comfort Cuff delivers added flex on the medial side of the boot for added comfort and a more natural flex. - Linerless: Linerless boots are the most easy way to get young kids in and out of a snowboard boot. All padding is integrated into the shell so you don’t need to worry when putting on the boots for youngsters. - 2 Size Footbed: The 2 Size Footbed enables a boot to grow with kids. Fit, comfort and budget are all considerations when buying kids gear. So making a boot that adapts to growing kids makes sense all round. - Flex Index 3: forgiving & comfortable flex for the JR's - 7° Forward Lean: For rookies and easy riders.
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