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Freestyle Skis

Atomic Punx Seven
The competition X-Games ski, Atomic Punx Seven is leading the charge in park and pipe. The Atomic Punx Seven has been put through the wringer at every major contest in freestyle skiing and been given the personal seal of approval from some of the most skilled park and slopestyle athletes including Gus Kenworthy and Fabian Bösch. Park Rocker profile gives these skis a slight early rise in the tip and tail, making for catch-free takeoffs and landings. With a Full Sidewall and Power Woodcore, Atomic Punx Seven offer a move-stomping combination of flex, durability and shock absorption. Tech Features: - Dura Cap Sidewall - Resist Edge - Power Woodcore - Twin Shape - Structured Topsheet - Flat - Park Rocker 10/80/10 - Weight: 1700g / 176
Armada ARV 96
The ARV 96 is skiing's ultimate handyman. No matter what you throw at it, this ski will get it done. Featuring a Poplar-Ash wood core and AR75 sidewalls, the ARV 96 delivers its signature versatility and a new era of all-mountain freestyle performance with the most responsive feel yet. Tech Features - AR75 Sidewall - Poplar Ash Core - AR Freestyle Rocker - S7 Base - 2.2 Impact Edge - 163 = 1650g - 170 = 1750g - 177 = 1850g - 184 = 1900g
Line Skis Chronic
Designed for all-mountain freestyle enjoyment, the LINE Chronic is the dopest all-mountain freestyle ski. With over a decade in the game, the Chronic features a versatile turn shape that will allow you to turn the mountain into your terrain park. This award-winning ski offers a poppy ride that will crush it just as hard on those harsh big-line jump laps as it will on those smooth burns all over the mountain. Take on the whole mountain, or just hot lap the park, whatever your strain, jib, arc, and blast, on the Chronic. - CORE: Maple Macroblock - SHAPE (mm): 129-95-120 - BASE: Fatty 1.7 - WEIGHT/ SKI (g): 1905 - FLEX: Symmetric Flex - SIDECUT AVG. (m): 16.0 - GEOMETRY: 5-Cut - STANCE (mm): -30 - CONSTRUCTION: Capwall - PROFILE (mm): 2-5-2 - EDGE (mm): Fatty 2.5 x 2.2
Armada ARV 86
The ARV 86 boosts the fun factor with a Poplar-Ash wood core for increased spring and confidence in the park and in the trees. Featuring AR Freestyle Rocker and AR75 sidewall construction, the ARV 86 is built to press, butter, and smear to your heart's content. Tech Features - AR75 Sidewall - Poplar Ash Core - AR Freestyle Rocker - S7 Base - 2.2 Impact Edge - 163 = 1550g - 170 = 1500g - 177 = 1600g - 184 = 1800g - 156 = 1375g - 163 = 1500g - 170 = 1575g
Line Skis Tom Wallisch Pro
A staple in the park across the globe, the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro has been redesigned. The freestyle legend, Tom Wallisch, worked hand in hand with our engineers to update his signature ski to have a lower swing weight, snappier pop, and updated durable Fatty Sintered Bases & Bomb(drop) proof oversized edges. If it's got TW's signature on it, you know it's a ski you can rely on day in day out. Big jumps, quad kinks, or just hot laps through the park, whatever your flavor, the Tom Wallisch Pro will perform through it all. - CORE: Maple Macroblock - SHAPE (mm): 118-90-116 - BASE: Fatty 1.7 - WEIGHT/ SKI (g): 1800 - FLEX: Symmetric Flex - SIDECUT AVG. (m): 19.0 - GEOMETRY: 5-Cut - STANCE (mm): -20 - CONSTRUCTION: Capwall - PROFILE (mm): 5-4-5 - EDGE (mm): Fatty 2.5 x 2.2
Line Skis Wallisch Shorty
$359.95 - $379.99
With all the tech of its big brother, the LINE Tom Wallisch Shorty packs a punch in a pint-sized package. Featuring the same lightweight and bomber feel of the TW Pro, the TW Shorty provides the high-end performance needed for the next super unknown superstar-in-training. - Shape (mm): 97-72-93 - Weight/ski (g): 840 - Sidecut Avg. (m): 12.0 - Stance (mm): 0 - Profile (mm): 2-2-2
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