Junior Ski Lease Program

For junior 'shredders in training' we offer a ski lease program.  The program provides freshly tuned skis, bindings, poles and boots.  Simply come to our Westmorland location to have the whole family fit for either Alpine, XC or ski-skate packages*.


XC Ski Package Lease


Alpine/DH Package without Poles


Alpine/DH Package with Poles


Skate-Ski Package


We fire up this program as soon as we pack the Bicycles away for the winter in October and it runs until the Snow melts in April.  Availability is limited and some sizes are scarce, so come early to insure you get a size that will work for your little one.  The maximum size for our junior lease program is an 8. It makes for a long season if your ski boots are too small, and even longer if your 5 year old's boots are too small!

*Fitting for skate ski packages are limited by not only the ability of the skier, but the size availability.  They are only available in lengths a small as 126cm, so the there is not a very big window to work around within the age group that the lease program is designed for.  We'll always do our best to make it work.  It is crucial that you come early for a skate ski fitting!