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Salomon Kaloo Junior
Durable, lightweight, and comfortable in smaller hands, Kaloo is ready for any jr ski day. - High-quality aluminum shaft is strong and light - The right size and shape grip to fit kids hands - Kids specific grip, strap, and basket
Atomic AMT Girl
Our Atomic AMT Girl is an ideal pole for any serious young skier looking to get to the next step. It’s made of high-grade lightweight aluminium. It also has our new elastic Kids Strap, which is easier to put on – and easier to take off after a fall. Plus our special Junior Grip and Junior Round Basket. - 3* Aluminum Pole Technology - Ergonomic Standard Grip - Elastic Kids Strap (One Size) - Standard Basket - Steel Tip
Head Monster Jr
Yes, you are a real monster. The bold new graphics and design of the Monster Jr pole match your attitude. You want to ski the whole mountain: on and off-piste, park and pipe, wherever the terrain takes you. The steel tip keeps you on track and the 50mm race basket takes care of your balance with optimized swing weight. - 5086 aluminum - Kids Plastic Grip - Automatic strap Kids - 50mm Race Basket - Steel Tip
Head Supershape Team
With the Supershape Team, advanced junior skiers improve their skills. Made of light and sturdy aluminum, the pole is easy to handle and perfect for heavy daily use. The alpine race basket provides ideal swing weight, balance, and stability. Besides the feel, it also looks cool. The graphics and colors match the design of our Supershape series. - 5086 Aluminum - Kids Plastic Grip - Bluckle Strap - 50mm Race Basket - Star Tip
Swix Junior Cross
$29.95 - $29.99
Children’s pole with components such as PC handle and a semi racing basket fitted for developing skiing technique. Diameters & lengths: Handle 13 mm, basket 13 mm. 85 cm - 120 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, skating. DETAILS - Junior aluminium pole - For groomed trails - For kids and juniors - Entry level pole
Salomon Escape ALU Jr
ESCAPE ALU JUNIOR is a comfortable, durable aluminum junior pole. Durable - High-quality aluminum is light, strong, and durable Comfort - EVA Jr Grip feels great in kids' hands Ease of use - Simple, reliable and durable
Rossignol FT-501 Nordic Poles
Kick and glide with the lightweight, durable performance of the FT 501 junior touring pole. It has a 100% aluminum build and features a molded rubber grip and a loop strap for a secure, comfortable feel.
Atomic AMT
Available in different color combinations, the Atomic AMT is a seriously hardy ski pole with a 60mm piste basket and our Ergonomic AMT Grips – designed for all-mountain skiing with special ridges for an improved grip. The pole itself is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, keeping it looking great and performing perfectly year after year. TECH FEATURES - 3* Aluminum Pole Technology - Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K) - Essential Strap - Piste Basket (60mm) - Steel Tip - Ergonomic M-Fit
Armada Triad
Our best value all-mountain pole, the Triad features our tactile-rubber Armada round grip and our hard-snow basket. No frills, no extra features you don't need. The 6000-series aluminum will feel light in your hands. Specs - 6060 Aluminum Shaft - 18mm Diameter - EVA Foam Grip - 60mm Basket - Steel Tip
Atomic AMT SQS
This versatile all-mountain pole is a light, strong, reliable pole for any adventure you care to take on. It does have one very special feature: Atomic SQS. This is our new safety quick release system. The crucial thing is that it instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. The pole is made from 4* aluminum with a dual component grip with ergonomic ridges for a firmer hold. Plus a padded strap, 60mm Piste Basket, and steel tip. - 4* Aluminum Pole Technology - SQS - Safety Quick Release System - Ergonomic AMT Grip (2K) - Ergonomic M-Fit - Padded Strap - Piste Basket (60mm) - Steel Tip
Rossignol Force Junior Poles
The FORCE JUNIOR is a lightweight junior race pole with 100% composite shaft, bi-injected grip, padded loop strap, and Fit Tour basket.
Atomic AMT Carbon SQS
$89.95 - $99.95
Carbon composite poles like the Atomic AMT Carbon SQS provide a great combination of low weight and high rigidity – no one likes a bendy pole! It's made from top 4* carbon composite. Plus it also comes with Atomic SQS, our safety quick release system. The crucial thing is that it instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. You then get a dual component grip with ergonomic ridges for a firmer hold, plus a padded strap, 60mm piste basket, and steel tip. - 4* Carbon Pole Technology - SQS - Safety Quick Release System - Ergonomic AMT Grip (2K) - Ergonomic M-Fit - Padded Strap - Piste Basket (2K) (60mm) - Steel Tip
Swix Quantum 6
The Quantum Six is the entry level composite pole from Swix with well proven components such as PCU handle, 97 baskets covering all trail conditions. The pole is first and foremost touring pole. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D strap assures good power transmission and comfort. Specifications: Stiffness: 47 mm Shaft weight: 98 gr/m Strength: Almost unbreakable Total weight 155 cm pole: 212 grams Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 135 cm - 180 cm. 5 cm interval. DETAILS - Composite entry level - For groomed trails - Durable composite pole - Well proven Swix components
Swix Triac JR 3.0 advanced composite
Composite shaft especially designed for juniors with the Swix Triac Connection system (TCS) and Swix TBS system which enables you to change baskets in the field within seconds! The Triac Jr 3.0 comes with Swix Profit TCS strap. DETAILS - Racing carbon - For groomed trails - Junior competition - TCS and TBS system
Swix Triac 3.0, IPM carbon composite
Swix Triac 3.0 is a significant step forward to meet the most demanding requirements in Cross Country. We have worked close with world leading athletes to achieve the new state of the art cross country pole. All details have been thought and no compromises are done. Performance and nothing else counts. Specification: Stiffness: 23 mm Shaft weight: 56 gr/m Strength: 70 kp Total weight 155 cm pole: 136 grams Lengths: 135 cm - 180 cm. 2.5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, competition racing, skating and classic skiing. DETAILS - Racing Carbon pole, IPM Tecnology - For groomed Trails - Racing - TBS and TCS Components
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