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Ski Skins

Atomic Hybrid Skin 95
These Atomic Hybrid Skins perfectly match our Atomic Backland 95 skis. The skins fit our 185cm-length Backlands perfectly – and fit to the 177cm and 169cm length skis with a simple, single cut. They use 100% Mohair for a strong grip and smooth glide and feature easy-to-handle Hybrid Glue that keeps your skins from sticking together and renews with a quick wash with a Hybrid cleaning set. - Prefit Cut - 100% Race Mohair - Hybrid Glue
Rossignol Unisex Backcountry Nordic Skins Skin BC100 (75 x 1370)
Pair of backcountry skin spare parts to replace the skins used over winter. Fitted for backcountry nordic skis models.
Fischer Mohair Mix 50 Easy Skin
Skin of 70% mohair and 30% nylon – solvent-free and made in Austria! No water absorption, and with a perfect combination of skin adhesion and easy handling thanks to KOHLA Fibre Seal Technology. Smart Adhesion Glue guarantees perfect adhesive performance in all temperature ranges. The Fischer Cobra clip fastener ensures the skin is fixed to the ski quickly and easily.
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