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Mad River Canoe Adventure 14

A great canoe for getting active; for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 14 is an amazing value. The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking and comforting stability and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. Packed with features like… [more]

Mad River Canoe Journey 156

Crafted by renowned designer Jim Henry, the Journey 156 is a welcoming and durable design that's at home at summer camp, but with a level of sophistication for adventurers or a family of adventurers on all types of water. Built for stability and versatility, the trusted three-layer material is… [more]

Mad River Canoe Journey 167

From renowned designer Jim Henry, the Journey 167 is the perfect recreational canoe that offers a welcoming and durable design for adventurers and families. The spacious 167 is versatile and stable, with more speed and storage than the Journey 156 for longer trips on bigger water and the tough… [more]

3 Results
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