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Current Designs Equinox GTS 16'
The Equinox GTS is the new, smaller sister to the Solstice GTS. Nimble, efficient and straight tracking are just some of the highlights you’ll experience. Smaller paddlers will appreciate this compact kayak on evening tours and long weekend excursions. The user-friendly key-hole cockpit and complete outfitting make the Equinox GTS ready for your next adventure. Maximum Load: 325 lbs. Fiberglass - 49 lbs
Hobie Mirage Outfitter 12'8
$3,700.00 $4,200.00 12% Off
Fun alone and even more fun with a friend, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter is the ideal all-day boat. The design brief was simple: create an easy-to-use, performance-minded, rotomolded polyethylene kayak that provides years of reliable service. Built-in drink holders and utility trays, dual helms and MirageDrives—plus a mast step for the optional Sail kit—give the Outfitter serious legs, and the boat’s wide beam, relative to its tidy length, delivers a stable, stowable and comfortable platform
Current Designs Vision 150 Hybrid w/ Skeg
$2,874.00 $3,174.00 9% Off
A transitional kayak for the beginner to advanced beginner style paddler. Unusually light, strong and stiff, the Vision 150 Comp kayak with rudder features a hybrid construction of fiberglass and polyaramid (the same material found in Kevlar®). A vacuum-bagged composite lamination eliminates excess resin, which improves strength and reduces weight to 48 lbs. 15 ft. length offers plenty of speed, tracking and stability during day or overnight paddles. Swede-form construction enhances speed and maneuverability, and it allows bow to punch through waves instead of riding up and over them Shallow-V hull enhances tracking and offers friendly stability and a lively feel in the water; low decks minimize wind resistance Keyhole-shape cockpit is easy to enter and exit, and integrated foam thighbraces on interior coaming increase comfort when bracing or carving turns Seat creates a natural, comfortable paddling position by tilting the entire seat pan up and away from cockpit floor Use the lever-lock knob—similar to a quick-release fork on a bike wheel—to set the seat pan to the desired height Locking mechanism prevents both side-to-side and up-and-down motion To prevent numbness, seat pan features a contoured space for lower vertebrae and is covered with plush, nonabsorbent, very thick padding Seat back moves up and down and back and forth, and it articulates to move with your paddling motion Sliding bar adjusts foot pegs without having to get out and reach inside cockpit Deployable skeg enhances tracking in rough weather; use the slider on the side of the cockpit to engage. Rear hatch provides enough storage for an overnight trip and features an easy-to-use, rubberized hatch cover Bow hatch features rubberized cover and an additional hard cover with straps to protect contents from splashes Bulkheaded bow and stern hatches provide generous dry cargo storage during extended voyages and enhance flotation when hatches are sealed Bow, stern and center bungee deck rigging securely store extra gear on top Toggled carry handles ease transport of the 48 lb.
Current Designs Vision 130 Hybrid w/ Skeg
If you're looking for a small sized transitional kayak, the composite Vision 130 is the boat for you. A bit more nimble than the 14' and 15' models, it has a unique handling and confidence inspiring feel. Like all of the Visions, this kayak features the safety of two bulkheads. Try one out to fully appreciate the weight and fit of the Vision 130. All members of the Vision family have a generously sized keyhole cockpit that allows for easy entry and exit, as well as ample foot room and large storage capacity. They also feature lower faceted decks that have minimal wind exposure making for an enjoyable in-control paddling experience. These features coupled with the confidence inspiring 24” beam allow the Vision 130 paddler to experience a true kayak fit and feel while developing a myriad of skills at their own pace. The Vision 130 is constructed from a vacuum bagged composite hybrid material, which allows for an unsurpassed combination of light weight, stiffness, toughness and value. Maximum Load: 275 lbs. Composite Hybrid - 40 lbs.
Hobie Mirage Revolution 11'6
$2,400.00 $2,700.00 11% Off
With the MirageDrive with Glide Technology powering the way, the “Revo 11” is a lightweight galloper that slides easily through wind and waves. Ideal for small-to- midsize kayakers, or bigger kayakers out for an unencumbered cruise, the Revolution 11 allows you to adroitly stalk fish and confidently explore reefs. With generous belowdeck stowage, smart rigging on top (what’s a kayak trip without a cold drink right at hand?), and optional sailing kit, the Revolution 11 is ready to roam.
Wilderness Systems Zephyr 155
Balanced performance features in hull design makes the Zephyr 155 the ultimate touring kayak for the day or weekend explorer.
Radical Edge Radical Edge Gift Card
$20.00 - $1,000.00
Radical Edge gift cards available in any amount. Valid at both locations and never expires!
Harmony Solo Rudder Kit
Increase the maneuverability and tracking ability of your Perception solo kayak. Sliding footbrace system allows you to steer with your feet. Designed to work with Perception kayak models featuring a molded rudder post hole on stern. Includes detailed instructions and all parts needed for installation. Not compatible with Perception models featuring threaded stern inserts for attaching a rudder mounting block (these models will require the Perception “Short-Pin” Rudder Kit). Compatible Perception Kayak Models: Carolina 12.0 Carolina 14.0 Conduit 13.0 (NOT compatible with Conduit 9.5) Expression
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