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Nahak Double Traction Canicross Belt
A belt that matches the intensity of your dog in harness, the design of our double traction belt distributes the force of your dog evenly across your hips offering maximum comfort regardless of your dogs size or strength. It’s this unique distribution of force that makes our double traction belt the model of choice for those who love long hikes, canicross or skijoring with a dogs that pulls hard.
Nahak S-Line bikejouring attachment W/ Quick Release
The S/LINE bikejoring attachment is the ideal support for added confidence in bikejoring or scooterjoring. Preventing your bikejoring bungee line from becoming tangled in the front wheel of your bike or scooter. ** The bungee line must always be attached directly to the stem of the bike and pass through the ring of the S/LINE and not attach directly to it **
Nahak No Pull Harness
$54.99 - $59.99
Recommended by veterinarians and canine behaviorists, it is already the no pull dog harness of choice for tens of thousands of dog owners in Canada. This harness is an excellent tool for teaching and enjoying loose leash walks with your dog. ** This harness is not suited for harness dog sports **
Nahak Pro Pull Harness
A dog harness specially designed for the practice of harnessed sports which will ensure maximum comfort to your canine companion!
Nahak Multisport Bungee Line
A bungee line is essential protection from the impact of harness dog sports on both your body and your dog’s. Versatile, the multisport bungee line can be used in cani-walking, cani-hiking, canicross, bikejoring or skijoring.
Nahak Neckline
A neckline allows you to connect the collars of 2 dogs running in harness side by side. It facilitates the streamlining of your team as they run together.
Nahak Bungee Line Extention
The extension line allows you to modify to your need the multisport bungee line and the bikejoring bungee line so you can harness 2 dogs or add lenght to have a safe distance in bikejoring or skijoring with the multisport bungee line.
Nahak Bronze Snap 5/8
Quality swivel brass snap
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